The Power of Storytelling

If words and stories hold such an incredible amount of power, it continues to confuse me why language or writing degrees are regarded as wastes of money by so many. When I think about life in general, I can find nothing more powerful than that of a story.

Every belief I have started as a story, and continues as one I tell myself daily. The only thing that stands between a human being and change is story- whether they’re willing to re-evaluate the story of who they are and what they believe or whether they want to hold strong to them. Our plans for our future start as stories, our understanding of our past experience lies in story, and our perceptions of the world around us are nothing but the stories about our experiences that we choose to believe.

Every belief I have started as a story, and continues as one I tell myself daily.

Our World’s history is coded in story, with so many parts of that collective story being overlooked or taken out, written from only the perspectives of those who wrote it. So, as I see it, Stories run the world and have the power to change or stagnate anything. And those who have the access to spreading their stories, have the most power over the World at large through the ability to make people think and possibly shift others’ beliefs.

I majored in Creative Writing for Entertainment because I realized a single story that was being told about D.I.D. systems. The perversion of our experience for monetary gain is something that I will never be okay with. The story of us as serial killers, dangerous and strange individuals who appear demonic or deranged is unethical. Regardless of ignorance, writers need to be accountable for the effects of their words and the stories they release into this world.

Here are five things I want to clear up about D.I.D. in case you watched some of these movies or series:

  1. We don’t have superpowers. Still can’t climb up walls and spin my head 360 degrees last time I checked, but I’ll definitely keep you posted.
  2. Most systems are very hidden. If we don’t want you to know we’re multiple, you won’t. We’re perfectly capable of acting like we’re one person to avoid awkward conversations.
  3. People with D.I.D. are capable of taking care of themselves. They aren’t helpless and defenseless, waiting for a magical doctor who actually believes them to swoop them up and save them.
  4. There’s no such thing as an “evil” alter. Some members of a system may be dealing with excruciating flashbacks and PTSD and never have the ability to tell anyone because the mind has kept them hidden and unable to come back to being here until things feel safe enough to process. These members may seem more rough around the edges, more difficult to understand and connect with, but just like anyone else who has gone through tremendously bad things, they just need extra hugs, love, communication, and usually end up being very the most empathetic members of a system.
  5. We’re not here for your entertainment, and in fact, we’re really quite boring. Our lives are not as interesting as the media would have you believe. We live every day lives, work at very usual jobs, have families, children, loved ones, and usually only those that are the very closest to us will ever be able to tell who is fronting. If a system tells you who’s fronting and you haven’t known each other long, please realize the courage and love that system is deciding to give to you.

These are just a very small start, and because of how much I feel there is to say about D.I.D. and the media industry, I will be starting a large segment of this blog dedicated to reviewing and critiquing media and content that revolves around D.I.D.

I hope you’ll join me and indulge in my rants in some hope that they will spread some better information.

Until next time,


Published by Danica Emry Weylyn

Hi, I'm Danica. Previously striving to become a concept artist, I received my Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D.) diagnosis in 2018 and started to have a whole new understanding of who I (or better, we) are and what we want in life. Now in a process of struggling to have our art and writing take off through a pandemic, a giant self realization, understanding our non-binary gender identity, and coming to terms with the truth of our past, our family, and what our childhood was really like, I come to you to ramble– to tell you what I've learned through this all and share my insights about how the messages in media around us shaped how utterly difficult it's been to truly accept ourselves. When we're not serious talking, we love writing about anything fantasy, writing flash fiction pieces for book and film, learning Arabic, adventure, yoga, playing guitar, singing, and being a bonafide goofball. With a 2021 Bachelors from Full Sail University in Creative Writing for Entertainment and an Associate Degree in Creative and Digital Imaging, it's time to really buckle down and get serious about combining our crafts and not being shy to share the work we make. Thank you for joining us for the ride <3

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