The Power of Storytelling

If words and stories hold such an incredible amount of power, it continues to confuse me why language or writing degrees are regarded as wastes of money by so many. When I think about life in general, I can find nothing more powerful than that of a story. Every belief I have started as aContinue reading “The Power of Storytelling”

Why Saying “I’m Fascinated with” D.I.D. isn’t Supportive

The first time I heard this phrase, I wasn’t offended… I actually felt a little supported and happy. I’d never heard any type of support around my D.I.D. before and until the year I came out, only my partner at the time was aware of the other alters I shared a body with. So, IContinue reading “Why Saying “I’m Fascinated with” D.I.D. isn’t Supportive”