Why Saying “I’m Fascinated with” D.I.D. isn’t Supportive

The first time I heard this phrase, I wasn’t offended… I actually felt a little supported and happy. I’d never heard any type of support around my D.I.D. before and until the year I came out, only my partner at the time was aware of the other alters I shared a body with. So, IContinue reading “Why Saying “I’m Fascinated with” D.I.D. isn’t Supportive”

Inspiration as a Guide to Self

A life spent sharing a body with others in my system has led to an existence that constantly changes and evolves. Not as your typical person does, but in a way where we all change and grow and learn simultaneously… and at times end up becoming passionate about differing things. As much as we tryContinue reading “Inspiration as a Guide to Self”